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Name ANDREW Hall
Field of Specialization Modern Japanese History
Academic degree University of Pittsburgh  PhD (History)
Research interest I study 20th century Japanese history, specializing in the history of the Japanese empire. In particular, I am working on Japanese language and education policies in Korea, 1905-1945, and in the puppet state of Manzhouguo, from 1932 to 1945. I am interested in education created for the Korean population in Korea, and the Han Chinese population in Manchuria.
I am the Global 30 faculty member of the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies. As such, I have responsibilities towards building the International Master's and Doctoral Programs in Social and Natural Sciences. These programs will offer non-Japanese students the opportunity to obtain graduate degrees at Kyushu University using English as their main language of instruction. For graduate students in SCS, I teach seminars on Modern Japanese history (one in English and one in Japanese), and participate in three team-taught seminars on Japanese and East Asian history. I also teach each summer in the Japanese-Korean Straits College exchange program between Kyushu University and Busan University.
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