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Extended Enrollment System

In accordance with Article 26 of the General Regulations of Graduate Schools of Kyushu University, a system enabling students to complete their degree after systematically taking academic programs over a period longer than the standard program length is available to ISGS students upon application, subject to approval by the Graduate School Faculty Council.
Under this system, the standard program length (two years for master’s programs and three years for doctoral programs) may be extended in one-year increments until completion, with tuition fees for the standard program length to be paid over this period.

Individuals wishing to avail themselves of the extended enrollment system must be either enrolling (progressing to a higher program) in ISGS for the first time or already enrolled in ISGS and, as a general rule, have spent (excluding leaves of absence) less than one year on the program in the case of a master’s program and less than two years in the case of a doctoral program. In addition, one of the following must be applicable.

  1. The individual is currently in employment (excluding those who have taken leave from their job).
  2. The individual is deemed to face substantial limitations to learning due to a physical or other disability.
  3. Those who can demonstrate that they were barred from enrollment because of infection or fear of infection to the novel influenza, based on the provisions of the Law on Special Measures against the Novel Influenza, etc.
  4. The individual is deemed to face substantial limitations to learning due to other unavoidable circumstances.