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Principles of ISGS

Educational objectives

In order to accurately grasp the problems, challenges and opportunities facing humankind globally and to engage in the resolution and creative responses to those challenges, the Graduate School’s educational objective is to pursue education and research from the perspective of global society and envisioninga human society coexisting with other living things on the planet. The challenges facing humankind are interrelated in diverse and complex ways. Determining challenges and resolving problems requires a truly integrated interdiscipline transcending the frameworks of the humanities and sciences via interdisciplinary partnerships in various fields of research.

This Graduate School responds to the above needs of society based on the concept and aim of an “integrated interdiscipline from the perspective of global society”. In other words, the Graduate School promotes the following educational objectives:

  • We shall conduct an inquiry into the system of “global society” that encompasses the living space of humankind and other living things, and the closely related global challenges facing humankind through incorporating a truly integrated interdisciplinary perspective that transcends the boundaries of academic fields. We thus aim to train comprehensively thinking, highly specialized professionals and excellent researchers who will be able to propose novel solutions and take leadership in the region and world.
  • In the first half of the doctoral (master’s) program , we aim to strengthen the foundation in specialized sciences and train personnel who place their own awareness of the issues within a “perspective of global society” and who are capable of independently conducting research based on “an integrated interdisciplinary perspective” not confined to the narrow boundaries of their own specialist domain. We also train practical abilities that enable personnel to cooperate flexibly with various people to resolve the problems of actual society.
  • Building on and further developing the “integrated interdisciplinarity based on the perspective of global society” and the academic foundations and practical abilities cultivated in the first half of the doctoral (master’s) program, the second half of the program, aims to train students to become experts in their fields who can communicate with vigor and produce unique research results that will be highly influential on the world stage.