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Research Students

Admission Requirements
  • Individuals who may request enrollment as a research student (pre-doctoral (甲) or pre-master’s (乙))

  • Individuals who may apply to be pre-doctoral research students

    • Individuals who hold a master’s degree and individuals expected to be conferred with a master’s degree by the time of enrollment in ISGS
    • Individuals with a record of research achievement equivalent to a master’s degree
Application Period
  • First semester: Applicants wishing to enroll in April
    October 1 – November 30

  • Second semester: Applicants wishing to enroll in October
    April 1 – May 31

  • *If the specified end date for applications falls on a holiday, the deadline will be the immediately preceding working day.

How to Apply
  • Individuals wishing to enroll as research students should first contact the faculty member whom they wish to be their supervisor and obtain permission to submit an enrollment application form.

  • The faculty member’s consent to be your supervisor denotes only that you may submit an application and does not constitute permission to enroll.

  • Decisions on whether or not you may enroll will be based on a separate review after your application is received.

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