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Language, Media and Communication

Name GUO Junhai
Field of Specialization Second Language Learning(Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language), Bilingualism and Language Policy
The International Student Center
Academic degree Ph.D.
Research interest 【Teaching】
◎Postgraduate Education: Lectures & thesis examination
◎General Education for undergraduates: Japanese Language Courses
◎International Education
⦿ATW(Asia in Today's World): Japanese language courses
⦿JTW(Japan in Today's World): Lectures and Independent Study Project Supervision
⦿AsTW(ASEAN in Today's World): Chief Coordinator for AsTW
⦿The Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia--The Foreign Students' High Specialty Practice Operation
⦿JLCC(Japanese Language and Culture Course):Program Coordinator  
⦿Japanese Language Courses offered at the International Student Center for foreign students
⦿Seoul University Short Program

1) Individual differences in second language acquisition, 2) Teaching and leaning of Japanese language in Singapore, 3) Communication and formation of communities by immigrants and local residents and community leader education(co-researcher), 4) Bilingual policy and mother tongue education in Singapore, 5) Kanji learning for both Kanji users and non-Kanji users
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