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Language, Media and Communication

Name UCHIDA Satoru
Field of Specialization English Linguistics (Cognitive semantics, Pragmatics, Lexicography)
Department of Linguistic Environment Faculty of Languages and Cultures
Academic degree 博士(学術:東京大学) Ph.D. (University of Tokyo)
Research interest My main research interest is in describing meanings of English and Japanese connectives from the perspectives of semantics (esp. frame semantics) and pragmatics. Methodology includes quantitative corpus linguistic approach as well as qualitative and theoretical approach. I’m also keen on applying the results of linguistic research to dictionaries and textbooks, hoping to make contributions to English education in Japan.

My teaching responsibilities include academic English classes whose aim is to facilitate students’ productive and receptive English abilities. In these classes, I try to take full advantage of ICT to make the courses more efficient and effective. I’m a writer and a member of the editorial committee on compiling learners’ dictionaries and textbooks, which is an attempt to apply my study results to practical publications.

My professional activities outside the university include making the results of KAKENHI projects public by giving presentations to general people including high school teachers and taking part in academic conferences as a staff or a committee.
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