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Comprehensive Science of Biological Environment

Name MISHIMA Misako
Field of Specialization plant phylogeny
The Kyushu University Museum
Academic degree Ph. D.
Research interest Research Interest
A: Biology
I. Speciation and polyploid evolution in plants:
- Evolutionary significance of polyploidization in plants;
- Infruence of polyploidization of host plants to parasite;
- Hybridity and ingrogression.
II. Evolution of gall maker and gall morph:
- Relationship among the gall-morph diversity and the genetic diversity of plants and insects;
- Biological mechanisms of gall formation and the origin of gall-morph diviersification;
- Evolutionary significance of gall morph differentiation to galler specitaion.
B: Museum Study
I. History and practical use of hervacious specimens stored in Kyushu University.
II. Ideal method and management of University Museum.

Training charge
I. Training and class for museum curation of plant specimens
II. Project team training about museum activities
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