益尾知佐子 / Chisako T. MASUO / 蘇琪(Su Qi)

Chisako T. MASUO is an Associate Professor (2008- ) at the Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University. She is also an Adjunct Fellow (2021- ) at the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) and a Research Committee (2021- ) at Research Institute for Peace and Security (RIPS).

Masuo is specializing in Chinese foreign policy and international relations theory.

Masuo graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences (International Relations Course), the University of Tokyo, and received her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo. Before assuming her current position at Kyushu University, she worked for the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) as a research fellow for young scientists (DC1, overseas, PD), for the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) as a research fellow, for Professor Ezra F. Vogel as his research assistant, and for Waseda University as a lecturer. She was also a coordinate research scholar working with Professor Ezra F. Vogel at Harvard-Yenching Institute in 2014-2015.

Major Publications● For more information, please see Publications.

Principles of Chinese Behaviors: International Relations decided by Domestic Social Tyde』(Chuokoron-Shinsha, 2019, sole-authored)

China Looks Back: Mao’s Legacy in the Open-Door Era』(University of Tokyo Press, 2010, sole-authored)

A Diplomatic History of China』(University of Tokyo Press, 2017, co-authored)

China and Japan : Facing History』(translated, authored by Ezra F. Vogel, Nikkei Publishing, 2019)

Deng Xiaoping and the transformation of China(Volume 1; Volume 2)』(co-translated, authored by Ezra F. Vogel, Nikkei Publishing, 2013)

I was born in Kyushu. However, since I went on an exchange program to the U.S. (Syracuse, NY) for a year during Kokura High School, and another exchange program to Peking University, China for a year during the University of Tokyo, I have lived my life with the help with many people from many countries so that I am not really sure where I am from. Maybe I am a “frontier people”, I think. Besides Japanese, I also speak and write in English and Chinese. Wherever food is to my taste, so it seems that I can live anywhere.

My favorite things: seas, volcanoes, somewhere cold, frontiers, outdoors, Fuqi feipian (a kind of Sichuan cuisine), handicrafts, shopping strolls, plants (especially white dandelions, ferns, hostas, bougainvillea, wild roses).

And I’m really into gardening, especially the Chinese roses whick I met in Weihai, Shandong!

The Chinese roses in Weihai.
Photo taken in Center for Northeast Asia Research of Shandong University, 2019.
It seems that you can deepen your understanding if you were there.