Kyushu University Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society

Cooperation with Overseas Institutions

 The project invites overseas researchers to promote collaborative research and education. In addition, international seminars and symposiums are held to foster students’ global mindset.

Invitations of Overseas Research Teams

 The project invites overseas research teams to hold international seminars and symposiums.

List of Invited Research Teams in 2015

Overseas Research Institutions Members Major Visiting Schedule
University of Arizona
Prof. Jay Quade
(Department of Geosciences)
Dr. David Dettman
(Environmental Isotope Laboratory)
Prof. Kimberly A Jones
(Department of East Asian Studies)
Department of Geosciences/Environmental Isotope Laboratory/Department of East Asian Studies May-June, 2015
East China Normal University
Prof. Gao Ning
(School of Foreign Languages, Vice-Dean)
Pro. Pan Shisheng
(School of Foreign Languages
Chair of Japanese Department)
Associate Professor Tang Quan
(School of Foreign Languages)
July 2015
Harvard University
Prof. Shigehisa Kuriyama
History December 2015

Information about international seminars, symposiums and workshops, will be updated from time to time.

Overseas Field Researches

 The Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies and The Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society send overseas field research teams to build global networks.

List of Overseas Outreach Visits in 2015

Destination Country Visited Institution Fieldwork Period Purpose
USA Princeton University
Yale University
Columbia University
April - May 2015
Republik Indonesia State University of Gorontalo October 2015
Philippines Ateneo de Manila University February 2016
 International Joint Workshop
USA University of Arizona March 2016
China Shanghai International Studies University
East China Normal University
March 2016


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