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Intensive Lecture: Research Methodologies

We are glad to invite researchers from Ateneo de Manila University to give intensive lecture as follows.All the students in the graduate school are welcome to apply for attending the lectures.


Lecture conducted by:

Assistant Professor Diana J. Mendoza, Ateneo de Manila University

Assistant Professor Anne Lan Kagahastian Candelaria, Ateneo de Manila University


February 2017, intensive lecture to be conducted on the following dates:

February 20, Monday: sessions 1, 2, 3

February 21, Tuesday: sessions 4, 5, 6

February 22, Wednesday: sessions 7, 8, 9

February 23, Thursday: sessions 10, 11, 12

February 24, Friday: sessions 13, 14, 15



Room 320 (3rd floor),Building of Faculty of Social & Cultural Studies


Course Description

The objective of this course for the students is to be able to come up with a solid research design and have the skill to implement it.
At the end of the course, the students are expected to:
1) Familiarize themselves with various research methodologies,
2) Identify appropriate design for specific research problems or questions, and
3) Apply relevant research methods, techniques and tools for data collection and analysis.
The expected output is a draft research proposal.

The reading assignment is available and the students are expected to read them before coming to the class.
  --->   Click here to download

Course Schedule   --->   Click here to download


Bryman, A. (2008) Social Research Methods. New York: Oxford University Press.
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Course Requirements

  Attendance & participation     10%
  Student presentation 1 (20 Feb)  20%
  Student presentation 2 (23 Feb)  20%
  Desk exercise outputs       20%
  Research proposal         30%

Students who wish to register must come to the ISGS Student Section.



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