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Intensive Lecture/Field Trip/Workshop by Professors from East China Normal University (ECNU)

Advanced Global Training Project for Integrated Academic Education

Overview of the 2015 Project Inviting Professors from East China Normal University (ECNU)


This project invited a team of professors from ECNU, including Professor Ning Gao, Professor Shisheng Pan and Associate Professor Quan Tang in the School of Foreign Languages, to participate in lectures and an international academic exchange gathering titled "The History and Future Prospects of Cultural Exchange between China and Japan." Specific details were as follows.

I. Members

・ Prof. Ning Gao, School of Foreign Languages

・ Prof. Shisheng Pan, School of Foreign Languages; Chair of the Japanese Department

・ Prof. Quan Tang, School of Foreign Languages

II. Period

July-August 2015

III. Program content

(1) Lectures

 July 21 (Tues.), July 23 (Thurs.), July 28 (Tues.), 3rd to 5th periods

Overview: Diaspora literature and Chinese-Japanese translation theory from the history of Chinese-Japanese cultural exchange and Chinese students studying in Japan. Attendees: 16 people (8 attended to earn course credit; 8 audited)

(2) A field trip on the theme of: Chinese-Japanese cultural exchange set at Kyushu University

Date: July 31 (Fri.). Left the Ito Campus at 10:00 AM and returned at 5:00 PM

Destinations: Nishi Koen, Higashi Koen, The Medical History Museum of Hospital Campus, Hakozaki Shrine (Fukuoka City)

Overview: Reflected on the positioning and roles of Fukuoka and Kyushu University in modern Japanese history, focusing on Guo Moruo and Tao Jingsun (who came from China to study at Kyushu University) and the perspective of Chinese-Japanese cultural exchange. Studied the Chinese-Japanese cultural exchange program built by Guo and shared opinions on the future of Chinese-Japanese cultural exchange. Attendees: 12 people

(3) Held a workshop titled "Career Guidance and Support for Students after Studying Abroad"

   August 6 (Thurs.) 1:30-5:00 PM, Ito Campus Guest House, Multipurpose Hall

After listening to presentations by three visiting professors at the workshop, we held a gathering offering consultations to students interested in working or studying in China. This was a valuable opportunity for students to interact directly with faculty from ECNU, one of China's leading universities, and was particularly valuable for students interested in working as researchers in China. Attendees: 32 people

(4) Exchange gathering between our university's faculty, Prof. Jones (Arizona State University, U.S.A.), and a group visiting from Ewha Women’s University (S. Korea).

    Lively exchange was held with these attendees, as well as other researchers visiting Kyushu University during the same period, with the aim of forming a network with Kyushu University as the hub and spreading to include researchers abroad, in addition to the objectives of holding lectures, field work, and workshops.

Holding the invitational activities noted above served to facilitate closer academic and student exchange with top Chinese universities such as ECNU, with the following positive benefits.

1) We facilitated ECNU's acceptance of exchange students from The Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society and made it easier to receive support during survey research carried out in Shanghai. When students who attended these intensive lectures carried out actual field surveys in Shanghai in September 2015, much valuable support was provided by ECNU faculty.

2) We facilitated the active communication of information to students so that a larger number of talented students from ECNU could come to Kyushu University as exchange or full-time students in the future. ECNU is a university with high academic and social standing in China, and therefore has considerable sway with other universities. Through the ECNU faculty network, more talented students from ECNU and other universities have already started to apply to become exchange students at Kyushu University.


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