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International Workshop on Integrated Science for Human Era

International & Cross-Disciplinary Workshop

 "International Workshop on Integrated Science for Human Era" held on June 5(Fri) had a large number of participants consisting of researchers and students both from inside and outside the University and both from home and abroad. The fields of their academic speciality widely ranged from geological science, anthropology, archaeology to palaeoclimatology. Several peakers made academic presentations on their cutting-edge research methods and achievements. Each presentation was followed by a lively discussion started with questions and comments from participants.


Professor Quade & Doctor Dettman

 "International Workshop on Integrated Science for Human Era" held on Guest researchers, Professor Quade and Doctor Dettman, the Faculty invited as part of "Advanced Global Training Project for Integrated Academic Education" belong to University of Arizona, which is regarded as a hub for isotopic environmental science in the U.S. They both revealed thier leading edge research achievements in their speech, which developed into a passionate discussion with participants.



Workshop Coordinator>

 Professor Kano, played a great part of this workshop, selecting and inviting the speakers from both home and abroad and arranging the program with a variety of interesting research presentations. His own speech titled "Did Jomon people kill speleothems?", which presented such innovative analytic approaches, gave a huge impact on the listeners and gained great deal of attention from the audience.


Poster Presentation

 After the oral presentations, a poster presentation session was set up mainly by the Graduate School students.
 The number of the poster-presenters came up to as many as 15, including three guest presenters: students from the University of Mashhad, Iran and another one from AORI , the University of Tokyo. The themes were in wide range from "palaeoclimatec reconstrunction" to "Interpretation on existence domain of life".
 Most of the students of the Graduate School felt quite nervous upon responding to aural questions asked by distinguished researchers viewing around. On the contrary, at the end, they were stimulated and encouraged by well-founded suggestions returned by those researchers, which indicated their abundant academic experiences and leading-edge analytic technique.




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