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Workshop: Pragmatics & Language Teaching

 We had a guest speaker, Professor Kimberly Jones, who is the Associate Dean of the College of Humanities at the University of Arizona with us for this workshop, where intriguing presentations were made in regard to leading-edge research methodologies and research achievements in linguistics.

Key-note Speech by Prof. Jones ----- "Learning from L2 Learners : Pragmatic Competence and Second Language Teaching"

 Prof. Jones showed her close analysis on the entire process of three young American siblings ( 7, 5 and 2 year - old ) acquiring Japanese language skills while staying in Japan for one year. Her case-study successfully represented possible application of pragmatics to language acquisition and language teaching to deeply impress the audience.


Discussion on wide-raging topics

 The other four speakers including a graduate student of our Faculty made a great presentaion on various themes, which naturally lead to a lively discussion with the audience.
 Taking a presentation "On the lexicographic descriptions of sequential events: A frame semantics approach "given by Associate Prof. Uchida for instance, his original perspective and fresh approach indicated throughout the study report amazed and impressed the participants.



 This worksop was thoroughly organized by Professor Yoshiko Matsumura, who is the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Kyushu Univ. Thanks to her facilitation skills and great personality, it went on in a friendly atmosphere with all the speakers diligent participation and was concluded with great success.

 It provided the participants not only with a precious opportunity to meet with Prof. Jones but also with valuable experiences inspiring them to dedicate themselves into their own study in linguistics.




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