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The Project’s agenda

This project’s field encompasses all of Asia. In Asia, issues of “the environment, resources and energy”, “politics, religions and ethnicities”, and “society, culture and values” are all intricately intertwined. For example, the economic growth of some developing countries has shifted the balance of power, destabilizing the region and creating competition for existing resources.

The purpose of “Future Asian Innovation” is to untangle these complicated problems and to draw out the full potential of Asia. In other words, transforming challenges into opportunities for Asia.

Japan achieved modernization relatively early, so we think that we have a responsibility to play a central role in addressing these issues and to send people where problems are occurring.

The aim of this program is to train leaders for that purpose and to develop human resources for Asia Innovation.

What is Future Asian Innovation?

What are Integrated-Interdisciplinary Leaders?

To deal with the complicated issues of Asia, we need leaders who can handle specific challenges while understanding various issues in the background. In other words, “Someone who can comprehend problems, utilize various fields of wisdom, make it clear what the challenges are, present a clear vision of their goals, and lead people.”

We call the leaders who can contribute to the innovation of Asia “Integrated-Interdisciplinary Leaders.”

We think that there are six abilities that an Integrated- Interdisciplinary Leader needs to acquire.
First, “Integrated-Interdisciplinary ability” is needed to acquire a comprehensive, holistic viewpoint, and “Specific disciplinary research ability” is required. These are the fundamental abilities needed to understand problems on site and to design a clear vision of their goals.

One of the features of this program is cooperation with various domestic and foreign institutions, including industries. We have gained consent from multiple educational institutions in Asia for internships, and the planning of these projects are in progress.

Moreover, we have received positive feedback from various industries regarding the practicality of this educational program. We are strengthening our coordination with companies and groups by actively considering their opinions related to the design of the curriculum and endeavoring to ensure a stable career path for those involved.

Next, leaders need to acquire the needed practical skills. Integrated- Interdisciplinary leaders need “Walking ability” on site, “Communication ability” for understanding and communication, “Designing ability” their vision and the “Leadership ability” to lead people to that vision.

Ability Content
Basic ability Integrated-Interdisciplinary ability Holistic view to determine the focus of challenges in Asia
Specific disciplinary research ability Reliable academic skills regarding base materials
Practical ability “Walking ability” Ability to do field research all over the world
“Communication ability” The ability to communicate deeply on-site by using an Asian language in addition to English.
“Designing ability” The conceptual ability to pursue an ideal image of future Asia.
“Leadership ability” The ability to lead an organization to achieve goals by utilizing people’s abilities.
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