Monday, July 9, 2018 Program class: A class for the “Designing ability”
 “Designing ability” – thinking about inbound tourism in Kyushu – was held on Monday, July 9.

In the morning session, people from Kumamoto city office and Fukuoka Prefectural Office gave lectures.

 The lectures were about their own experience working in the Shanghai office, their initiative, and the necessity of inbound tourism promotion and promotional activities for Kyushu as a whole.




 At the afternoon session, the chairman was Hanami Sakai a second-year master’s student of the graduate school. Two lecturers, a Japanese entrepreneur who is involving in inbound tourism industry in Kumamoto and a Chinese entrepreneur who is involving in mobile payment and media management directed to Chinese people in Fukuoka, shared their experience of business and talked about “Mobile payment and inbound tourism” directed to Chinese people.















 We realized that we shouldn’t be satisfied with the convenience of it, or just focus on Chinese people, but rather to consider the cultural differences, and think “How about Japanese people?” “How about myself?”


 We are planning to hold the second class in Takeo in August so please join us!

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