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Seminar: Activism and Civic Involvement in Japan

We are glad to invite researchers from Australia and Germany to give seminars as follows.All the students in the graduate school are welcome to apply for attending the seminars.

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Seminar conducted by:

Assoc. Prof. Simon A. Avenell, PhD, Australian National University

Dr. Phoebe S. Holdgrün, German Institute for Japanese Studies

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Vogt, University of Hamburg


September/October 2016, intensive seminar to be conducted on the following dates:

October 4, Tuesday: sessions 1, 2, 3 (SAA)

October 5, Wednesday: field trip to Minamata (sessions 4, 5, 6) (SAA, GV, PSH)

October 6, Thursday: sessions 7, 8, 9 (GV)

October 7, Friday: sessions 10, 11, 12 (PSH)


Seminar blurb:

In this course we investigate forms of activism and civic involvement in contemporary Japan. The seminars will center around the history and development of civil society in modern Japan and touch on themes such as the Japanese environmental movement, the Okinawan movements, and post.3-11 movements. Through close investigation of the vibrant and diverse realm of social movements and civic initiatives in Japan students will be encouraged to consider questions of democratization and democratic citizenship, the environment, globalization, gender, security, and consumption.


Course requirements:

・Assigned readings completed before each session   --->   Click here to download

・Attendance and active class participation (including the field trip)

・Reflection paper on the field trip (1,000 words)

・Respond to question sheets for each section (max. 500 words per sheet; 3 sheets given).


Please send an E-mail to, Global Project Office of ISGS , if you want to partcipate.



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