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Seminar: How to write academic papers in English

 The seminar has been held in order to provide the students who do not have the chance to attend the common subject Foreign Language Academic Writing. A camp of personal instructions on academic writing in English will be held after this seminar.


【Date and Time】4 Dec, 2015( Fri) 13:00-16:15

【Venue】SCS Building Room 321

【Participants】Students and faculty members of SCS and ISGS

【Lecturer】Melinda Hull
 Hull is the representative of Ikagaku Kyoushitshu and she has rich experience of holding seminars on academic writing in institutions including Tokyo University Medical Department.

【Number of participants】20 (including 12 PhD. Students and 4 master students)

【Description】Topic: Structure of English Papers
 (1) How to prepare to write a high-quality paper effectively
 (2) Comparison of structures of English and Japanese papers
 (3) Analysis of papers
 In the seminar, the lecturer explained if academic writing were structured according to the traditional way of writing articles in Japanese, it would be difficult for the readers to understand it. The lecturer also introduced how to attract more readers from all over the world in academic writing. In the section 3, some abstracts written by Japanese people were analyzed and the participants thus the participants would know the mistakes only made in those abstracts.

【Response from the participants】
 Many participants said it was good that the lecturer repeated key points, and they look forward to the next seminar.




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