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English Academic Writing Seminar Camp

 The 2nd English Academic Writing Seminar was held in the form of a training camp for 2 nights and 3days. 


  The seminar began with the basics of academic writing which made the attendants anew aware of the differences in structures of Japanese and English sentences, so that they would be able to write a paper that could attract many international readers. The second day sessions had essay-writing practice within a certain limited time, and besides analysis on some paper abstracts written by other students of ISGS. It enabled the attendants to find problematic points of their own writing.  On the third day, the students worked on international presentation skill improvement in pairs and groups, in accordance with three lecturers’ diversified and well-organized guidance.

 In nice and calm surroundings of such beautiful scenery with a beach and pine forests, participants were able to fully enjoy themselves in communicating with each other over meals full with great food from an ocean and a mountain, thanks to the hotel’s hospitality and considerable cooperation. It seemed that this seminar camp brought the participants a crucial opportunity to frankly mingle with the other students majoring in different academic disciplines, as the result. 



 As most of the participants were doctoral students including those who actually wish to present his/her research paper at an international conference and to submit it to an international journal in the near future, this seminar camp would directly help them to increase and enhance his/her international publication.                                                                        


【Date】Feb.22 (Mon)~Feb.24(Wed) , 2016                                                      
【Venue】Nijinomatsubara Hotel (Karatsu-city, Saga-pref.)                        
【Seminar Contents】Structure of English Papers& Grammar/ Formatting and Style/ Essay Writing and Practice/International Presentations             
【Participants】10 Doctoral students/ 4 Master students                        
【Lecturers】Feb. 22~23---Lecturer Melinda Hull/ Feb. 24 ---Dr.Tevor Lane, Ayli Chong, Abeer Fadl


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