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Workshop for students on presentation skills

A two-day training workshop: “The Secret of Effective Presentations”, for students research presentation skills was held , having a special instructor, Professor Shigehisa Kuriyama who visited from the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University. 


The First Day ----- Seminar & Training for Short-Movie making by Prof. Kuriyama.

【Date and Time】Dec. 19 (Sat), 2015 Japanese Session 9:00-12:00 / English Session 14:00-17:00

【Theme】What is a good presentation? & "The secret of effective short-movie making"

【The number of participants】21 for Japanese & 22 for English Session (The approximate quota was 20 for each.)


 What is a good presentation which can attract audience? -- Prof. Kuriyama clearly and plainly defined it using a significant keyword: “puzzle”.

 A presentation which is comprehensive and satisfactory to listeners is generally well planned to bring an element of big surprise.  It can be compared to a good mystery novel and it is crucial to cause listeners’ impressive wonder at an early stage of a presenter’s speech in order to effectively increase listeners’ curiosity and concentration, according to the Professor.

 Regarding creation of a short movie which students are supposed to use for making their research presentation, Pro. Kuriyama introduced the following 3 rules as basics of creating fine works;


1.To show a full-screen slide with as clear photos or figures as possible

2.To set your text as simple as possible and as big as possible on a slide.(To always keep in mind “ Less is More.&rdquo)

3.To make good coordination of your speech and slides every moment, by paying  attention to both sound and visual effect to be created toward audience.


 As for effectiveness of a “ puzzle”, participating students learned it from the practice of spending about 2 minutes aurally presenting his/her own research to a pair partner.

 They all actually experienced to feel how interesting and impressive his/her partner’s research talk was only in case it was provided with an early question set out causing him/her big wonder.

 In the seminar, the students were given an assignment to make an appealing short movie on his/her research, based on a PPT file they each had prepared, by making good use of video editing software: Camtasia.


The Second Day---- Short-Movie Contest & Opinion Exchange Session

【Date and Time】Dec.21 (Mon) 13:00-17:00



 Each participant showed the short-movie he/she completed along with the lessons taught in the previous day. They were given feedback from Prof. Kuriyama. His comments were very specific and instructive, such as that the slide each had too much information for audience to understand, or a“puzzle” was not set out well enough to attract audience interest nor to make audience understand the whole speech.

 Three works were selected and awarded through strict examination conducted by a panel of judges, which consisted of the faculty members lead by Prof. Kuriyama.  The winners are as follows.


 First Prize Blaž Miklavič (Mr.) / D2 (physiography)

 Second Prize Mikiko Kai (Ms.) / D2 (modern Japanese history)

 Third Prize Khadijah Omar (Ms.) / M1 (linguistics)


==Opinion Exchange Session==

 After students and the Professor freely discussed issues on research presentations, ISGS faculty members joined them for opinion exchange to conclude that it was truly significant for researchers to present his/her own research toward each other among researchers in various different disciplines to learn and to cultivate interdisciplinary perspectives.






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