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Intensive Course: Integrated Sciences for Human Era

 Intensive course was provided for students by Professor Quade and Doctor Dettman from the Department of Geoscience, University of Arizona in early June. It attracted many attendants not only from the Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society but also from the other graduate schools to discover and acquire cutting-edge research methodology introduced through the course.


Professor Jay QUADE

 Professor Quade is a pioneer in the academic research field of dating a radiocarbon age of samples collected from all over the world, with a high degree of accuracy. He integrates palaeoclimatology, archaeology and anthropology to meet huge demands for coaching researchers in other disciplines through field researches. The Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona has been a great hub institution of isotope geoscience in the U. S. owing to Prof. Quade's respectable academic achievements and great expertise.


Doctor Devid DETTMAN

 Dr. Dettman, a research scientist of Environmental Isotope Laboratory, University of Arizona, has a great expertise of various kinds of analysis by stable isotope and relevant studies. He is well-known as one of the leading figures in this academic field in the U.S.


Collaboration Lectures by 2 dream scientists

 Prof. Quade and Dr. Dettman have occasionally had a joint-class together back in their home university to earn a great poplularity.
 This intensive course covered a full length study of isotope analysis from basic principles to interpretation. The attendants were all amazed and excited with the class contents in which the professors generously revealed their research techniques and analytic methods. They looked very intense and focused on taking notes.

 Since classes were given in an American participatory style all in English, most Japanese attendants looked confused at the beginning. As the class theme moved on to the essential part of isotope environmental science, however, they started taking part in the discussions actively. With Prof. Kano's kind additional explanation using some Japanese key words, they were able to fully understand and became to energetically exchange their questions and opinions with the lecturers. Their talk heated up to even run off on a targent. However, at that stage, Professor Quade still said to the students "Don't be shy and go on." According to him, there are regularly more questions raised and answered in classes in universities in the U. S.
 All the Faculty members and students were impressed with such significant classes with international and cross-disciplinary attitude and truly appreciated this precious 3-day experience they had.




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