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Collaborate Workshop of Ewha Womans University and East China Normal University

 In the course of "Advanced Global Training Project for Integrated Academic Education", the Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society invites prominent researcher teams from unversities overseas on a periodic basis ,to host their seiminars and intensive courses so that students are able to take international education outside the regular curriculum.


 Researchers visiting from East China Normal University, Prof. Gao/ Prof. Pan/ Prof. Tang , conducted an intensive lecture course and workshop , as well as a field trip with students. The workshop was held on Aug. 6 as a joint-event with Ewha Womans University , to attract a large audience.


・Morning Session by Ewha Womans University: "Transfer of Knowledge / Processing of Knowledge"
・Afternoon Session by East China Normal University:"Career Pursuit and Support for Returnee-students from Study Abroad.


 Professor Tsui from Ewha Womans Univ. made an academic presentation titled ;"Cases of Research Team on De-boundaries Knowledge Formation " and "Processing of Knowledge". The Professors from East China Normal Univ. took part in the round-table discussion after his speech, which developed into a nicely vigorous exchange of opinions.



 In the afternoon, speeches were made by professors from East China Normal Univ., comprehensively titled "Career Pursuit & Support for Returnee Students". Its main themes were "Current Circumstances of Returnees and Advice for them ", "Demands and Requirements for Prospective Researchers at Universities in China" and "Points of Attention for Conducting International Academic Researches after returning to China".
 The Professors spent another hour after the speech providing individual counseling respectively to students , where they were given constructive suggestions regarding their specific wishes such as wanting to continue their academic research or hoping to become a Japanese language instructor back in China.
 The questionaire data taken after the event showed most of the participating students found it really benefitial and they were very impressed with the Professors' advice and encouragement.



 As part of this project, the Faculty also invited prominent researchers from University of Edinburgh (the U.K.), Chinese University of HongKong, Flinders University (Australia) and University of Arizona ( the U.S.A.), holding international seminars and colloquiums with them , in the past year. There are already two guest research teams confirmed on the list for our next year's invitation : Ewha Womans University (Korea) and Monash University (Australia) . You are highly recommended to participate in workshops, intensive lectures and symposiums , which they will provide during thier stay with us since it would be definitely a great opportunity for you to be able to meet and talk to such honorable scholars. Please refer to the details shown on the website ahead of each event.


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