Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Program class: Talk about Asian cultures and diversities at Motooka Elementary School (second half)
Continuing a class held on October 11, an exchange program with Fukuoka City Motooka Elementary School, a “Talk about Asian cultures and diversities at Motooka Elementary School (second half)” was held on December 12.

  Previously, students of The Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society were invited to the third-grade class, entitled “Discovery of Asia’s Mysteries” and introduced their national costumes and geography. However, on this occasion, children did research about the eating habits, school life and popular sports of the students’ countries and presented their research in front of everyone.


  The elementary school class was divided into eight groups at which they presented their hard research with titles such as “Newspapers of South Korea” or “Newspapers of Thailand” and so on. At the beginning, the children were a little nervous, but gradually they relaxed and did their presentations with smiles. One program student was touched to see that the children cooperated with each other and calmly presented their research. He said, “It’s unthinkable in my country!” He also eagerly expressed his desire to further associate with elementary school students and to assist them.

  After their presentation, children interviewed students. Children asked basic questions like “What do you say before you eat in China?” “What’s your favorite Japanese food?” But also, some students asked more mature questions like “Are you married?” “Do you have a sweetheart?” and they kept asking questions until time ran out.


  Today, it has been said that less children are interested in foreign countries, so there is nothing that could make us happier than to see children start to show more interest in foreign countries, and thinking, “I want to make more foreigner friends” because of this program.

  An interactive program with elementary schools finished this year, but we are hoping to meet new children through this program next year as well.



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