October 22-23, 2018 Program class: Learning to Use the Statistical Program R
On October 22-23, Dr. Jenifer Larson-Hall from Kitakyushu University presented the class called “Statistical Program R”.

  In the morning of the first day, the class was held for beginners of Program R. “What can we do with R?” “What  is Statistics?” “Preparation for using R” was explained. In the afternoon, we installed “R” and learned how to calculate descriptive statistics values by using statistical data which had been prepared ahead of time. We also drew a graph by using R commander and R console.

  On the second day, t-test, Chi-square test and the basic knowledge and concept of a multiple regression analysis were explained. A simple multiple regression analysis was explained by using a bilingual example, a consecutive and phased multiple regression analysis and a multi-way analysis of variance were also explained by using picture books and acquired vocabularies.


  Advantages of “R” include being a free software, also, processes can be automated. However, it also has disadvantages. For example, it can be intimidating because it uses programming language throughout the process of imparting data, analyzing and displaying results. Although the students’ majors are diverse, including sociology, linguistics, politics and agriculture, we have confidence that in the future they will be able to decide which statistical software suits them best to verify data, and to fully utilize it in their research activities.





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