Thursday, October 11, 2018 Program class: Talk about Asian cultures and diversities at Motooka Elementary School
The first class of the second semester in 2018, was an exchange program with Motooka Elementary School in Fukuoka city titled “Talk about Asian cultures and diversities”.

  This time, twelve students and researchers from the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Korea, China and Japanese students of The Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society were invited to the class of Motooka Elementary School fifth and sixth period to discuss the “Discovery of Asia’s Mysteries”. Students of Kyushu University were warmly welcomed by third-grade students since both schools are in the Motooka area. The twelve students and researchers were a little bit nervous being in front of hundred forty students elementary school students, but because of the children’s shining eyes, they started to relax and to smile.


  First, students introduced themselves, their names, countries, hobbies and so on.

  They introduced their national costumes, and they let children touch the instruments they used to play their country folk songs with. They were satisfied that they were able to share their diverse cultures with the children.

  Moreover, teachers invited the students to teach the children how they do “Rock-paper-scissors” in their countries. After children learned how to do it in English, Korean, Chinese, Sri Lanka, Indonesian and Thailand, they started to do it.

  For the sixth period, three international students were invited to four classes each, and after they introduced themselves, they all enjoyed playing “Fruit basket” in English.

  It seems that the English education in elementary school is advanced now, so when children were asked questions in English like “What color do you like?” the students were surprised.

  The exchange class probably helped them to realize that it is important to learn English to communicate with people of different nationalities.




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