Wednesday, July 25, 2018 Program class: A class on “Leadership ability”
 Students visited Uchihama Elementary School in Fukuoka city and experienced the educational environment for foreign children at school. They deepened their understanding regarding challenges the community is facing because of the increase of foreigners and the appropriate path for a multi-cultural society in the future.


 At the beginning, they joined a Japanese language class summer school and had an opportunity to work on tasks with children from different countries.




 At the latter half, Ms. Yoshie Ikeda and Ms. Asuka Muraoka gave a lecture and explained about the history of Japanese classes at Uchihama Elementary School, the challenges of learning Japanese for foreign students and various situations that take place at school.




 We felt that individually we need to recognize the challenges and solutions for a multi-cultural society and continue to work hard on them.


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