Friday, May 11, 2018 Program Class: “Communication Ability”: An important skill in society
A seminar about “Communication Ability”: An important skill in society, was held on Friday, May 11th.

  This seminar was made up of three sections. The first section was a class by Mr. Kita in English. Students watched a seven-minute video and he explained about activities that deepen understanding of cooperative learning based on the video and the lecture. Through the activity, students could understand the concept of “understanding and communication”.



  During lunch time everyone had lunch together at the observatory of East building No.1. Lecturers, teachers and students enjoyed talking to each other and it was a great opportunity to exchange information between students.


  The second section was conducted by Mr. Hirayama and he showed how to solve issues through meeting solutions with post-it notes. Students were divided into groups of four or five people and practiced problem solving using different methods such as visualizing the knowledge and methods to create ideas in a short period of time.



  The third section was a lecture by Mr. Yoshida. During his lecture, a workshop was held for students to solve the problems of a bus company. During the workshop post-it notes were distributed to write down the causes of the problems, and then they put what they wrote on a board. Based on students’ opinions they separated the causes into different groups and organized them. By using the PCM method, they were able to organize their thoughts, and based on that they could understand how each ones’ idea were lined up and they were able to discern what was really needed. 

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