Saturday, May 12, 2018 Program class: Seminar for how to write research proposals
“Seminar for how to write research proposals” was held on Saturday, May 12th.

  This time, many new first-year master’s students joined.

  First, after greetings from Professor Namigata, Professor Araya and Associate Professor Onimaru gave lectures about how to choose a research theme and how to write a research proposal. Then, Associate Professor Hall gave a lecture in English regarding scholarship applications abroad.



  And after lectures from professors, a student who had been selected as a PD of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, shared his experience of his struggle of writing applications and told students about the details of the interview. There were many students who are planning on apply for it so they asked many questions about tips and things they have to pay attention to.



  After the seminar, students got together at different location and there was a lively exchange of opinions.

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