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Regarding JASSO HONORS scholarship(Gakushu Shoreihi Scholarship)
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Open Date2020-10-02 20:21:00

This announcement only applies to those who meet all of the conditions below;

・Self-financed international students with a student visa
・Hold an account at Yucho Bank
・Tuition fee for the First semester 2020 was exempted (full, half, 1/4)
・Currently within a standard duration of the program period (three years after the enrollment for Ph.D student and two years for Master student)
・Was enrolled as of April 1, 2020
・Currently NOT on a leave of absence
・Can bring all necessary documents to the office on Monday, October 5


Dear international students,

We are pleased to inform you that we have received an offer for a scholarship for international students who have difficulty in studying due to financial reasons such as the effects of the new coronavirus infection.
If you wish to apply, please submit the Application Form(Attached) by October 5 by email. 
However, please be reminded that there is a limit to the number who can take this scholarship, so not all applicants would be accepted.
In addition, please submit the following [Documents to be submitted] to the Student Affairs Section on Monday, October 5.
You will need to sign the enrollment confirmation then as well. Please note that if you cannot sign on the 5th, you will not be eligible to apply.

■Applicant eligibility
1) Honors student
2) Students whose language proficiency level is recognized as Japanese N2 or higher or English CEFR is B2 or higher.
3) Students who are willing to cooperate with JASSO's career survey after receiving the scholarship.
4) Students whose average amount of remittance is 90,000 yen or less.
5) The annual income of their financial supporter residing in Japan may not exceed 5million yen.
6) Students who will not receive any other scholarships that are not allowed to combine with the JASSO Honors Scholarship.
7) Students who have a status of residence of "Student visa" as of April 1, 2020, and are staying in Japan, and have a status of residence of "Student visa" and would stay in Japan as of October 1, 2020.

■Documents to be submitted  Deadline: Monday, October 5
1) Application Form(Attachment) Please send by email.
2) A copy of the first page of your postal savings account passbook (We need your account No. and name in katakana)
3) A copy of your “Residence card”(copy of both sides, front and back)
4) Documents that can prove your language proficiency level meets the requirements

■Scholarship duration
October 2020 (one month only)

■Scholarship amount
48,000 yen

If you have any questions, please contact us.