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Fund for Field Research [Application deadline:November 30]
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Open Date2017-11-16 12:48:00

Fund for Field Research

Application deadline:  Thursday, November 30, 2017    17:00

The Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society has begun a new fund for field research for students. Students who will conduct field research in Japan or overseas are able to apply for this fund. Please read the following guidelines before submitting the application.

  1. 1. Purpose:

In order to support students to achieve outstanding academic results and to cultivate practical field research skills, this support aims to provide the necessary funding for academic field research.

  1. 2. Eligibility:

To be eligible to apply for the fund, you must:

(1) Be a regular graduate student in the Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, and be registered as a Future Asian Program student. (Note: You will be registered as a Future Asian Program student, if you participate in a program class. You can also participate in a program class after application. Please let us know in this case);

(2) Will not receive other financial support from other funds for the field trip;

(3) Receive approval from your advisor who decides it is necessary to conduct the field research you apply the support for;

(4) Not have been admitted as a Future Asia Program student before 2016.

  1. 3. Target field research:

Field research in Japan or overseas can be covered by this funding. However, this fund does not provide support for academic conferences, other meetings, or field research in the applicant’s hometown. (Field research supported by this fund should be conducted between December 15, 2017 and March 31, 2018.)

  1. 4. Fees covered by the fund:

(1) Transportation expenses; (2) Daily allowance; (3) Accommodation fee

※ The payment of transportation expenses and the daily allowance, accommodation fee is subject to travel expenses regulations of Kyushu University.

  1. 5. Number of recipients: undetermined

  2. 6. Limit of the support: up to 200,000 JPY / application

※ The amount of vsupport will be decided according to the contents of the application form.

  1. 7. How to apply

Please complete Application Form and Research and Education Achievement Report and submit them to the Global Project Office, ISGS by 17:00, Thursday, November 30, 2017.

Application Form of Fund for Field Research.docx

Research and Education Achievement Report.docx

  1. 8. Selection process

We will conduct a document review based on the submitted application form and will conduct an interview if necessary with those who passed the document examination.

  1. 9. Application / Inquiries

Global Project Office, ISGS (Room 322, ISGS Building)
    TEL: 092-802-5667