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Comprehensive Earth Sciences

Name KUWAHARA Yoshihiro
Field of Specialization Mineralogy Environmental Mineralogy
keyword Mineral-water interaction, Dissolution, Crystal growth, Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM), Surface science, Clay minerals, Paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental changes
Course for Earth Changes Department of Environmental Changes Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies
Academic degree Dr. of Science
Research interest •Dissolution and crystal growth mechanisms of carbonate and sulfate minerals as the index of climate and environmental changes: nanoscale analysis by hot/cool-stage AFM
keyword : climate change, environmental change, AFM, dissolution and crystal growth mechanisms, carbonate mineral, sulfate mineral
•In-situ AFM study for smectite dissolution under alkaline conditons
keyword : smectite, dissolution, kinetics, alkaline solutions, Atomic Force Microscopy, Bentonite, buffer materials
•Reconstruction of paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental variations recorded in clay minerals in the Kathmandu Basin sediments
keyword : clay minerals, crystallinity, paleoclimate, paleoenvironment, the Kathmandu Basin, Hymalaya
•AFM study on surface structure of micas
keyword : micas, Atomic Force Microscopy, surface structure, surface relaxation
•AFM study for the growth mechanism and process of mica clay minerals
keyword : illite, Atomic Force Microscopy, crystall growth, spiral growth pattern
•Dissolution process and mechanism of micas under acid conditons
keyword : micas, acid condition, dissolution, weathering, alteration, kinetics
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