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Comprehensive East Asian and Japanese Studies

Name SEGUCHI Noriko
Field of Specialization Biological Anthropology
Basic Structure of Human Societies Department of Environmental Changes Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies
Academic degree Ph.D. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI USA
Research interest I have been continuing research on Paleoamericans in North America and South America and their relationships with the Asian continent, such as the Jomon people. I am also working on testing evolutionary mechanisms for patterns of craniofacial morphology in order to distinguish between neutral forces and selective forces of evolution. This year, I start working on investigating ecogeographic significance of human postcranial diversity using postcranial bones in Bergmann’s and Allen’s perspective. I also explore the issue of race and gender in the history of biological anthropology in general and in Japanese physical anthropology in particular. Believing that scientific biases through the history of physical anthropology were always influenced by and supportive of political ideologies, I strongly feel the necessity to discern and reexamine anthropological theorizing related to problematic issues such as racism, nationalism, imperialism, and sexism.
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