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Language, Media and Communication

Name INOUE Narahiko
Field of Specialization Argumentation & Debate, Communication
keyword Argumentation, Debate, Communication
Language Education Department of Linguistic Environment Faculty of Languages and Cultures
Academic degree Ph.D. (Linguistics)
Research interest My main research interest is in argumentation and debate, especially the features of communication in debates and arguments as well as educational effects of debating (more broadly competitive speech activities--called "forensics").

My teaching is closely related to research. The graduate-level "Speech Communication A (Argumentation and Debate)" tries to explore how the descipline argumentation may be established in higher education. My undergraduate-level teaching activities include (1) courses in the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation, as well as English (EFL) courses and debate-related courses. A notable recent development is a scheme to establish a co-curricular debate program by offering a for-credit courses, e.g., "International Research Projects for Debate Education"

My professional activities outside the university are mainly in the area of promoting debate research and education both in Japanese and English, serving as research organizers, tournament directors and workshop speakers as well as writing introductory teaching materials.
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