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2016-06-14 Workshop:Media, Research, and Participation Culture

Announcement of Workshop
"Media, Research, and Participation Culture" by Alexander Zahlten from Harvard University

Keywords:Information Society, Database Model of Communication, Media Mix, Copyright, Material Culture and Media Culture

 June 28, 2016 (Tue)13:00~16:20:Workshop
 June 30, 2016 (Thr)10:30~12:00:Workshop 14:00~Excursion at Fukuoka City Public Library
Place: Room 321 (3rd floor),Building of Faculty of Social & Cultural Studies
Language: Japanese (Basically) *English as necessary
 Students of International Course are WELCOME to participate

Participants: Students of Kyushu University(Under/Postgraduate Students

Submit your application by email which must contain: your name, course, and student number