Kyushu University Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studie

Kyushu University Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studie

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Comprehensive Science of Biological Environment
Name KUSUMI Junko
Field of Specialization Molecular evolution, Population Genetics
keyword Biodiversity, Population genetics, Molecular phylogeny, Co-evolution
Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Changes Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies
Academic degree Doctor of Science
Research interest •A new model of compensatory evolution with indirect compensation
keyword : compensatory evolution population genetics

•Population genetic analysis of a widespread coniferous tree Taxodium distichum [L.] Rich. in the Mississippi River Alluvial Valley and Florida
keyword : Taxodium distichum、genetic diversity, nucleotide polymorphism, microsatellite

•Co-evolution, Co-speciation of figs and figwasps
keyword : Population genetics, Molecular evolution, Molecular phylogeny, Evolution of mutualisms; plant insect interactions,

•Molecular evolution of the chl genes in conifers
keyword : Molecular evolution, Conifer, Light-Independent Protochlorophyllide Oxidoreductase
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