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Kyushu University Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studie

About ISGS

Counseling for International students

Advising & Counseling for International students
Purpose of this facility

We aim to provide assistance and counseling to international students regarding everyday-life and school attendance, and to support research during graduate school.
Times like these, for example…

  • For those that feel their ability is insufficient for research
  • Having trouble getting used to the lifestyle in Fukuoka
  • Worrying about studying while working part-time
  • Having trouble making connections with others at seminars


How to access the advising office

Please send e-mail beforehand to arrange an appointment.

Contact Information
Reception as needed ▼ To those who would like to consult!!
KYUSHU UNIVERSITY International Student Center
Target audience: International students, visiting researchers and their families at our university
If you would like to consult in English or Chinese, please see the following.
Counseling for International Students in English and Chinese
ISGS international course students' consultation
  • Support staff : Satoshi Abe
  • E-Mail : support_staff[ ]
  • Venue : Room Number E-C-303

※Please replace the brackets with an at-sign (@) in the above address when sending an e-mail.

*All information regarding advising is strictly confidential, and privacy will be protected.

To those who inquire from outside the university
For information on studying abroad at Kyushu University, please see the following. (East Zone, Ito Campus)
KYUSHU UNIVERSITY International Student and Researcher Support Center
For ISGS admission information, please see the following.
Information for applicants