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Dean's Message

Dean's Message
Welcome to Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society
Yasuhito Osanai
Dean, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society

Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society (ISGS) is a new institution established in 2014, and is leaping forward in strength. It emerged from the previous Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies (SCS).  While retaining the educational and academic philosophy of SCS, “Interdiscipline”, “Internationalization”, and “Integration”, ISGS deepens these philosophies, and aims to further develop the education and research under a new philosophy, “Integrated interdiscipline from the perspective of global society ”.

Towards “Integrated Interdiscipline”

ISGS has an educational system that corresponds to a wide range of specialized fields of natural science, social science, and humanities, as the faculty consists not only of members of Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, but also Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Law, as well as Kyushu University Museum, Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Research Center for Korean Studies, International Student Center and the Faculty of Arts and Science. In the master’s program, students select a main course specialized for their own major and a sub course to broaden their interdisciplinary training. This makes it extremely easy for the students to cross over the boundaries among natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, and helps them to master specialist and interdisciplinary knowledge. In the doctoral program, research is conducted at a world-class level and creatively based on interdisciplinary education and advanced expertise, so the alumni of ISGS become professionals and outstanding researchers with new perspectives, which differs from other graduate schools.

Support for globalization

It is essential to enhance globalization in the postgraduate education. ISGS supports students to carry out global research mainly through its "Advanced Global Training Project for Integrated Academic Education" and "Integrated Interdisciplinary Program for Leading Future Asia Innovation”. The Project and Program provide special lectures by prominent researchers from overseas, international events such as workshops, and supports for overseas field researches as well as publishing papers in foreign languages. We hope students actively use these supports.

What do students learn at ISGS?

There is no fixed curriculum at ISGS. Students select their own subjects and make their own plan for research. Students are expected to acquire a wide range of knowledge and methodologies. We encourage them to make efforts to achieve their goals. It is our hope that students will cross the boundaries of disciplines, become leaders in academia, workplaces, and communities, and do their best to solve global issues.